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    When a guest stays too long

    Rarely happens, in fact, never happen. I say NO and end of story
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    Your first kiss

    Still waiting for mine :P well did kiss a girl back 8 years old in a tent and a the beach
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    Ever been banned?

    Did not know that lol I would not think you were a ban type person.
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    Community Of BaysideGamers!

    So, things are slow yet we offering little gifts and giveaways. Why not come and post like MAD. and say HI
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    Hello From NJ

    I like you already ;P and Welcome to the community
  6. Empire

    Xyphien Here :)

    Welcome to the community my friend that we always say hi on every forum on this earth :p
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    My reintroduction

    Welcome to the community GG
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    Hello World

    welcome to the community
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    Sticky Ask Moi

    I don't see you much on bayside, busy? :P
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    Sticky Ask Terminated

    what do you like to answer?
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    Announcement Top Posters of the Month (TPOM) Challenge

    Seems that he will win this month again :P
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    Ask ZandraJoi

    Is Phenom posting madman?
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    Sticky What app did you last use?

    Nope :P
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    Ask Kyng

    deal or dare to kill
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    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    I can't read all crazy butt images and posts :P Trying to get other things done and seems that being active here is hard.