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    [Laptop] - Mouse or touchpad?

    Mouse 100% all the way. I hate touchpads :(
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    Hey! I'm Hungry Ego :D

    Did anybody miss me?
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    Life is crazy right now. Can somebody lend me a helmet?

    Life is crazy right now. Can somebody lend me a helmet?
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    Your newest member!

    Another Canuck! Welcome to DH! where abouts in Canada are you from?
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    The Corona Times

    Did anyone think the world would still be slowed down still, 5 months later? With no end in sight and professionals saying we have to learn to adapt and live with the much will change.
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    How much did your computer cost when you first purchased it?

    My laptop was $1500 when I bought it years ago. I’m in the market for a new desktop but...I the price needs to be right :p
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    Community Events: What have you done?

    What community events have you put on for your own sites or teams? This can be a virtual event or even an in person one (pre-COVID of course). We tried a live meetup here. It didn’t go as planned, BUT, we will give it another shot soon! And we’ll work on the timing as well 😁. What have you...
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    Christmas shopping....?

    Normally I am a last minute shopper, however this year I want to get everything done by the end of november. At least that is what I keep telling myself lol.
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    ASUS TUF & ROG Laptops

    Ahh, That's a little too rich for my blood :P
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    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    We did not need to see a bigger version lol. That is nightmare material right there.
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    ASUS TUF & ROG Laptops

    What are the price points people would be looking at for these systems?
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    You tell me!

    You tell me!
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    Annoucement Top Posters of the Month (TPOM) Challenge

    @Laifot might overtake @Phenom for the top spot! Who is going to come out ontop!
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    Yes lol. Work: 8 hrs per day Leisure: 2-4 hours per day. Half of my days are spent on the computer right now lol.
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    Sticky What are you listening to?

    I am addicted to Ava Max right now.