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    Sticky Daily Diary/Rant Thread

    The other day, I was on my way home from work and I stopped to get something to eat for me and my hubby. I was in the parking lot, waiting me turn to pull out onto the street when the traffic was clear enough for me to do so. While I'm sitting there waiting, I guy walks down the sidewalk and...
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    Minnesota Riot

    I agree with this statement. There are some people that just want to have a peaceful protest. I've seen them in my own town and so far they began and ended peacefully. Peaceful protest are okay.....looting is not.
  3. JennyorAlice

    Sticky Last website that you visited?

    I was visiting a video game forum called Gaming Latest.
  4. JennyorAlice

    Chinese Food

    I like a Chinese place that has a buffet and you can get a bunch of different stuff all at once.
  5. JennyorAlice

    Other Favorite comedian....?

    Who is your favorite comedian(s)? Have you ever seen this comedian in person? Or do you watch them on tv or youtube?
  6. JennyorAlice

    Wearing glasses

    When it's raining and it gets all over your glasses and you have to wipe them off.
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    When you receive insults

    Or ignore them. If I ignore them and they don't go away, then I'll report them like @Terminated suggested.
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    Sticky What are you watching right now?

    I'm not watching anything, however, the hubby is watching an episode of Strange Evidence.
  9. JennyorAlice

    Indoor plants.....?

    I don't want anymore than the 1 I've got. I don't really have a green thumb but I'm going to see if I can try keep this one alive that I inherited.
  10. JennyorAlice

    Moving to a new house/apartment

    I get as much as I can packed into the house before I actually move myself and my family in. I also make sure I have the utilities turned on before moving in as well.
  11. JennyorAlice

    Sticky What are you watching right now?

    An episode of Paranormal Caught on Camera is on.
  12. JennyorAlice

    Indoor plants.....?

    That's kind of me. I have 1 plant I'm trying my hands at.
  13. JennyorAlice

    Indoor plants.....?

    Wow. Sounds like you have quite the collection of indoor plants.
  14. JennyorAlice

    Gamers of DH,

    Most of the I am normally so busy playing the game that I don't want to get distracted by music playing in the background.
  15. JennyorAlice

    Derek Chauvin

    Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer, was charged with the murder of George Floyd yesterday. What are your thoughts on what happened?
  16. JennyorAlice

    TV Favorite "sitcom" TV show

    I don't think that I have a favorite sitcom since I don't watch much tv to begin with. I'm usually reading...
  17. JennyorAlice

    Calm yourself down

    If I'm at home, I can usually go sit in a corner and read. That gets my mind of whatever is making me angry.
  18. JennyorAlice

    Indoor plants.....?

    I have one indoor plant at the moment that was given to me. I've never taken care of an indoor plant before so this is a new experience.
  19. JennyorAlice

    Your ‘Notes’ app

    The only thing in my notes is all the medicine that my hubby takes. I have a spouse that is diabetic and has high blood pressure so he takes quite a few medicines, plus, I can't pronounce half of them. So I have them all listed in my "notes" app on my phone in the event that I have to take him...
  20. JennyorAlice

    Your greatest achievement

    - Meeting and marrying my hubby. - Being married to the same person for almost 20 years. - My hubby and I being financially stable at this point in our lives. - We may not own a fancy house but we have a roof over our heads. - We've managed to pay off a couple of bills towards the end of last...
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    Mow The Lawn?

    I use to do it while my hubby was working second shift. He was working about 60 hours a week then and was often too tired to do it himself so I did it. Besides, I'd already be hot/sweaty/dirty from work anyway so why not be hot/sweaty/dirty for 1 more hour while I go mow the yard? Now, my...
  22. JennyorAlice

    Your phone died

    Luckily I've never had my phone die on me. But I can imagine the worst time for it to die on me would be when I broke down on the side of the road and needed to call someone for help.
  23. JennyorAlice

    Sticky What are you listening to?

    The TV My hubby is watching tv but I don't know what show he's watching.
  24. JennyorAlice

    Ever undergone surgery

    The only surgery I've ever had was when I had my wisdom teeth removed.
  25. JennyorAlice

    One 'do over' in your life

    This. Also, I've thought about what would have happened if I'd gone to college but if I'd gone to college instead of getting my first job right out of high school, I would never have met my hubby.
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    Sticky What are you watching right now?

    Just watched the very ending of Antman and the Wasp. I'd already seen the movie so I knew how it ended.
  27. JennyorAlice

    Indoor plants.....?

    Does anyone here have any indoor plants? If so, what kind do you have? How often do you water them? Have you ever transferred them over to a bigger pot because they started outgrowing their current pot?
  28. JennyorAlice

    Sticky What are you watching right now?

    I'm not watching anything right now because I'm fixing to go to work. But the last thing I watched was an episode of Paranormal Caught on Camera.
  29. JennyorAlice


    Last thing I bought was groceries, I believe. So I get a lifetime supply of groceries....that'll take a load off financially. I can eat whatever I want and not have to pay for it.
  30. JennyorAlice

    President Joe Biden Ends 20 Year Afghanistan War

    I'm glad they're ending this. I think it's a long time coming. Not trying to sound unappreciative of our military.
  31. JennyorAlice

    First social media account

    I think I had MySpace back in the day before I got on Facebook.
  32. JennyorAlice

    What are you wearing

    I"m still in my pj's. It's my day off and I didn't have to go anywhere.
  33. JennyorAlice

    Sticky What are you watching right now?

    Some re-runs of Paranormal Caught on Camera....
  34. JennyorAlice

    Your cell number

    I've had my cell number sense right after my hubby and I got married and it's been almost 20 years since we got married.
  35. JennyorAlice

    Other Spoilers?

    No, I don't. My hubby has a friend that will go online and read all about a movie prior to going to watch a movie. Now, if you want to ruin a movie for yourself, that's fine. But he always comes and tells us about the movie before we can get in to see the movie and it's a pain.
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    Red flag on a first date

    That's similar to what I was going to post. You can't possibly know that you love someone on the first date. I know someone that falls in love pretty much that quickly but they're a guy though. This particular person doesn't have a friend zone. You're either in love with him or you don't...
  37. JennyorAlice

    Now closed store/business

    We have fewer book stores around where I live, More and more people are getting some kind of tablet or e-reader and reading on them instead of reading an actual book.
  38. JennyorAlice

    Movies Black Widow

    I've seen some trailers but I haven't heard of a release for it. I'm glad I'm not the only one wondering about this.
  39. JennyorAlice

    Free Hosting Vs. Paid Hosting

    Free hosting is okay if you're someone who can't afford to spend any money on it. I've seen some pretty nice communities on free hosting. They're not all bad. It depends on who is behind it all and the amount of work they're willing to put into it.
  40. JennyorAlice

    Frustrated with a forum?

    I've had some forums I've left for various reasons. Usually it's because there's someone on that forum, either another member or a member of the staff, that's acting like a total brat.
  41. JennyorAlice

    Wearing Men’s Clothes to Bed as a Woman?

    I agree, what you do inside your own home is your own business. Plus, it's not like it's illegal or anything.... I'll normally wear a tank top and a pair of men's boxers to bed. Who cares? It's not like the general public will see what I'm wearing to bed.
  42. JennyorAlice

    Most expensive object you own

    Probably my car and my house.
  43. JennyorAlice

    Your current ringtone

    @Demon_skeith That would sound awesome as a ringtone. It sounds awesome playing on my laptop anyway.
  44. JennyorAlice

    Sticky What are you listening to?

    My hubby running the vacuum cleaner....
  45. JennyorAlice

    So annoyed and angry

    Not this last Christmas but the Christmas before last, I had applied for a job and they called me back in for an interview. I didn't tell my current job that I had applied for this job......I had no intention of telling them until I knew for sure that I was going to get the job because I didn't...
  46. JennyorAlice

    Ask me!

    My hubby and I usually go out to eat, however, we usually try stuff that we don't have back at home or stuff that we don't get to eat very often when we're back at home.
  47. JennyorAlice

    Sticky What are you watching right now?

    Not watching anything at the moment. Enjoying what's left of the quiet before I have to go to work. Will probably have the tv on when I get home later though.
  48. JennyorAlice

    Your 21st Birthday

    I probably had a birthday party with family members, like I normally do for my birthday.
  49. JennyorAlice

    Really want to buy right now

    I would love to collect a first edition copy of the books from the Harry Potter series and then have them autographed by J. K. Rowling. But I'm sure that would be expensive as crap right now.
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    Sticky What are you listening to?

    "Like a Stone" by Audioslave I like Audioslave for some reason.
  51. JennyorAlice

    Prince Philip has died aged 99

    This is sad news indeed. Hope for peace to his family members.
  52. JennyorAlice

    Other Agatha Christie or Arthur Conan Doyle?

    I'd prefer Christie but that's just me. I like Agatha Christie's work. I've read several of her books. They're not too much that I drown in all the details but they keep you guessing until the end.
  53. JennyorAlice

    Your personal favorite item

    A poster from the fourth Harry Potter movie with a bunch of autographs from different actor's / actress' from the movie.
  54. JennyorAlice

    How much money would that be?

    Oh dear! I could probably get a new car and still have a little money left over.
  55. JennyorAlice

    Charge adult children rent

    That's understandable. There are times when the kids need to grow up and start taking care of themselves. But there are times when you need help. It's okay to ask for help from time to time when life throws a lemon at you. But there are times when you have to take care of yourself and not...
  56. JennyorAlice

    Proboards Forum

    There are good and bad when it comes to using a free forum host such as Proboards. Some people can't afford paid hosting so they'll go with free. The ads are a way for that company to pay for the hosting will still giving it to you for free. But there are ways for you to still get the ads...
  57. JennyorAlice

    Really want to buy right now

    There are plenty of things I'd like to buy but my hubby and I are saving the money for doing some stuff around the house. The joys of adulting.....
  58. JennyorAlice

    Sticky Last Game You Played?

    Super Mario All-Stars on the Nintendo Switch. I've been going back and forth between the 3 games on that.....
  59. JennyorAlice

    Sticky What are you watching right now?

    There's an episode of Paranormal Witness on the tv at the moment. Only half watching it since they're re-runs.
  60. JennyorAlice

    So annoyed and angry

    Busting my butt the whole shift doing my work and I get told 10 minutes before I go home that I'm suppose to do 10 things before I can go home. Where was that list at the beginning of my shift?
  61. JennyorAlice

    Charge adult children rent

    I do agree that you should be able to take care of yourself before you start having children. You can't care for another life if you can't care for yourself yet.
  62. JennyorAlice

    Medication side effect

    One of my medicines, I have to take with food or I'll feel really sick at my stomach. But there are several medications that'll do that. As long as you eat something when you take it, you're fine.
  63. JennyorAlice

    The top of your desk

    Don't have a desk. I use a laptop so I don't have to deal with a bunch of stuff on top of a desk.
  64. JennyorAlice

    Wired vs Wireless

    I'm currently using my laptop and I think I would prefer using a wireless mouse with it. That's kind of the whole point of a don't have all those cords and you can be a lot more mobile.
  65. JennyorAlice

    Sticky Daily Diary/Rant Thread

    Here you can rant about something that is bothering you and just plain out vent...... I have several items that I ordered on Friday, March 26th. Everything from my order has been shipped to my address with the exception of 1 item. This one item refuses to be delivered to my house for some...
  66. JennyorAlice

    Good or bad credit?

    My hubby and I both have excellent credit scores. We're like at the top where you pretty much can't go any further.
  67. JennyorAlice

    Charge adult children rent

    Kylie made a good point. If the parents need assistance and the child is living at home to help the parents then it's okay. My hubby was living with his mom and grandma before we got married. He was living with them because they needed his help.
  68. JennyorAlice

    Your favourite Cakes?

    I like strawberry cake but chocolate is my favorite.
  69. JennyorAlice

    Sticky What are you watching right now?

    My hubby is watching an episode of "Very Scary People" where they're talking about the Zodiac killer.
  70. JennyorAlice

    Sticky What are you listening to?

    The silence in the room before I go to work. The last song I listened to was "Revelations" by Audioslave
  71. JennyorAlice

    Are you strict?

    When it comes to certain things, yes I cam strict. Like, I don't like bullies so if someone is bullying people on the forum then I can be strict with them. Other times I can be relaxed. So it depends on what's going on.
  72. JennyorAlice


    Whatever I feel like eating. Normally I'll go with something quick and simple for breakfast like pop-tarts.
  73. JennyorAlice

    Limited or Unlimited?

    I have unlimited on the text messaging. I wouldn't want to go to situation where I had to pay for text messages after a certain amount was up. I'd had to have to keep track of that.
  74. JennyorAlice

    Your favorite board game

    Clue They have a Harry Potter version of it now that I kind of wish we had when I was a kid.
  75. JennyorAlice

    Other The funniest movie

    The animated movie Robots. If you didn't laugh at have no humor in you at all.
  76. JennyorAlice

    How many forums, sites do you have now?

    I have a forum that is new and I have my blog which is a little over two years old.