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    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    Friday! today we're having a nice dinner with the family. :)
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    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    Hmm, what about your family did they have it the same as you?
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    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    Nice, i wonder when i'll get my covid shot :(, i don't think i'll get it this year.. Ash, you've got to do something great to celebrate our birthday!
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    Sticky Your Website Milestones

    23k already? we've been posting a lot this time right? :P congrats to everyone, it wouldn't be fun without you all!
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    How many relationships have you been in?

    2 serious relationships till now :)
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    Deluded about Love?

    This sums about it all. Everything comes with pro/cons. Everyone loves different, personally i'm too romantic and sometimes i'm the opposite. I express my love with food i guess, i cook for my significant other :)
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    Spending Money

    So it's my first bill coming from my new car. It is around $70 but it's okay, i've been saving for this moment, it's been a month since my paycheck though and it feels weird in a way.
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    Feedback/Suggestion Thread Count Add-on

    Sounds pretty good to me, this way Content Creators feel acknowledged for their work! ;)
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    Feedback/Suggestion Thread Count Add-on

    To be honest, this forum has a lot of replies in a day and to keep track for all of them every single day takes energy. Maybe creating too much threads will result in some of them unreplied because they mix into the current popular threads.. Posts give life to the threads as well. I think...
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    CYOA Chit-Chat Thread

    No, i'm just dealing with delicate stuff now tbh and i'm just trying to be as positive as i can while not focusing too much on something.
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    When You Shower

    I don't know why i keep on looking at the bathroom's door.. now that you mention it.. it's kinda strange, as if i'm waiting something. I'll try to figure out the next time why.
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    Sticky What are you watching right now?

    Narcos S03 Ep07, i'm rewatching this since i love the Colombian accent :P
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    Emotional/Heartbreaking Anime

    I always wanted to watch that show, thanks for remembering me, it was during my university days.. how nostalgic lol the other one is Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan, it has a lot of tough moments and one in particular that always make me cry.. Also, has a great soundtrack too! it's giving me...
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    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    hello there buddies! We're in the belly button of the week, i'm gonna blast some music today to lift my spirit.
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    I need to talk to someone.

    Yeah, it's good to release stuff you collect in your mind, sometimes things feel heavier than usual and you need some help.. Do not feel bad because of it but.. take care on who you're telling your problems, some might use it against you someday..
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    Emotional/Heartbreaking Anime

    Hi all, this is the first thread of the group, i wanted to share a few shows that made me emotional and made me sob a bit, it doesn't have to be romantic, it could be a shounen show too. My personal list: Clannad: Is one of the most well known anime that everybody knows is sad. I won't say...
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    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    I'm pretty surprised by the result tbh, i wasn't expecting Real Madrid to choke that badly.. I'm gonna try to do some stuff to the anime group tonight :P
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    CYOA Chit-Chat Thread

    I was looking for the story thread and thought there was a problem lol Will catch up stuff today! cheers!
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    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    I don't see how Chelsea can get away with anything but a loss in that game. The only thing can could make you happy is that they're not playing good and they have lots of internal stuff going on.
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    You have held in your hands

    I had a Rolex watch in my hands that was worth over $45,000. Gave it back to the owner.
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    I think it refers to buy some special features and stuff like that, typical of free to play games. On that matter.. it depends, but i won't spend too much.
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    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    I wonder how government prioritizes sports over health.. :(
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    Announcement Top Posters of the Month (TPOM) Challenge

    20k hubux doesn't sound bad to me.
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    Sticky Member Milestones

    Thanks for your attention! We deserve a S+!
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    Sticky Member Milestones

    Sure i wouldn't mind having more competitors to the throne :P
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    Derek Chauvin

    No, i didn't mean it that way. I'm just saying that they'll have it hard since this is a very political case, you shouldn't forget what happened in Detroit 60 years ago, segregation was real and the country is still divided in this term so it shouldn't be taken just as a "drug overdose" death...
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    Derek Chauvin

    This is a political issue going on, it is also something related to the wounds of afroamerican people and their culture. Police brutality is also an issue in almost every country to a selected group of people, in this region we have a similar situation with native descendants so yeah, i think...
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    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    Old school rock and roll and soda! :D
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    Feedback/Suggestion Auctions

    I think it's a good idea.. but some policies need to be implemented like the amount of times you can bid, maybe a member can't participate in all auctions for users wouldn't have a chance with us for example.
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    Sticky Last Game You Played?

    I've been playing Avakin Life yesterday, bought some new clothes for my character and tried different styles since it's been a while lol. I will be playing Metro 2033 tonight, since i made a little GPU upgrade, i'm willing to test how much my brute force specs has improved.
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    Announcement Top Posters of the Month (TPOM) Challenge

    Dude, when she registered i was over 1k posts and now she's going to surpass me like in 3 months lol, her numbers are even more ferocious than yours xd
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    A fruit called "Mburukuja" over here.. tastes like baby's puke! yuck!
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    When you receive insults

    It depends tbh, if it's in a forum or social media. In social media i couldn't care less. If it's a forum then i might try to reply and i would show some willingness to talk the situation before doing what @Terminated suggested.. if the case goes worse then i will proceed to ignore all of that...
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    Gamers of DH,

    Depends on what games, when i'm trying to focus sometimes i listen to lo-fi music. If i'm playing some racing game i will crank some rock and roll for sure.
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    Official Vote for Discussion Hub!

    Great news Ash! you totally deserve it!
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    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    Good night fellas, it's amazing to see greetings everywhere like in work e-mails :P
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    Chapter Seven: Where in the World is Incolnshire Pt. 2

    Does our chara has something we can defend with? if not then follow the wifey should be fine.. unless Gertrude wants to sell us to the bandits to leave the tavern alone..
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    Official Vote for Discussion Hub!

    I reached 12 posts to be able to vote but nothing has happened, what else is the requirement?
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    Other Spoilers?

    Blood will follow blood, if someone dares to do this on me, wait for my revenge, i will do it! I don't care about spoilers on old series / movies though
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    Red flag on a first date

    Intense people, people need to give space to talk and gain confidence to talk about specific topics.. also talking too much about a former relationship is not a good sign either.
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    Your cell number

    Since 2005 is the same number.
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    The Curious Thread... i guess?

    I usually don't keep track of this but i remember spending 2 weeks inside after quitting my first job and just was during vacations at the uni. it was the last time though.
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    Your greatest achievement

    Keeping me from suicide i guess, been a tough battle during my teens.
  44. Laifot

    Most expensive object you own

    Really? i can get one for much less than that.. My car is valuated in over $6k, so that's my most expensive thing, it will decay over time though :(
  45. Laifot

    Cheap GPU for average gaming

    Thing is that the market is so fragile now and buying integrated graphics CPU may be a better investment for the future.. it depends on what products are available in your area after all..
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    The Curious Thread... i guess?

    No, i'm more like antisocial, always been like that.
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    How much would it be?

    I spent a lot in League of Legends.. more than 500$, that's the highest amount i've paid for a game ever.. Damn, hot skins for my champs is all that is alright in that game.
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    Type a capital A

    Thumb on Shift key and the index pushing the letter key. A bit weird?
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    A box containing everything

    I regret sometimes selling my videogames but whatever, i don't have time or willingness to play like when i was 10 so whatever, collecting stuff is not something wise to do if you have very limited resources.
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    Wearing Men’s Clothes to Bed as a Woman?

    Wearing something comfy for you should do it. My gf wears my tees for sleeping too :P, seeing her wearing a football jersey is kinda sexy.
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    Cheap GPU for average gaming

    I don't recommend having a second hand GPU unless you really know the buyer and you have a way to somehow claim some warranty if the product is faulty. You might wanna buy some APUs too, maybe upgrade your motherboard and having stuff like ryzen 5 3400g or i5 k edition is a good way to wait for...
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    Official Vote for Discussion Hub!

    I have no business at all in that forum, i met it a long time ago but didn't register since is english-based :P Anyway i registered but there isn't a lot of threads to post without being cheap so i'll try looking for more to get to 10 posts. Good luck! I see @Empire is the top poster...
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    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    whenever i read sunshine i remember this british guy from GTA Vice City Right, mind how you go, sunshine. Yeah, sweet as... Come on. You having that, Maccer, you having that?
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    Really want to buy right now

    Yes but that's because the ensamblers sell it directly to miners, they won't supply common stores for people to get them. if boys could mine with gaming consoles that market would suffer the same.
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    Sticky Member Milestones

    Phenom did it every month and it wasn't that big of a deal. :P When do you guys think i'll be 2k? i don't think i'll get it soon since my numbers dropped like crazy.
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    Sticky Member Milestones

    Do it! you guys are part of the forum as well! :)
  57. Laifot

    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    Only 2 hours left of punishment to be free for 48 hours :P All my 30s homies will know that taking a rest in the evening will help us to game all night :D :D
  58. Laifot

    Sticky Member Milestones

    Just a few to be honest, i think you'd make it to the top in every monthly contest :P I haven't made it in the last 3 or 4 months lol.
  59. Laifot

    Prince Philip has died aged 99

    He lived a very long life, i think he's been on for a good while! being married since 1947 is a very uncommon situation nowadays.
  60. Laifot

    Really want to buy right now

    oh crap, not a funny era to do flight sims then! maybe getting a RADEON card is not a bad idea.
  61. Laifot

    Really want to buy right now

    Try using directx 10. I investigated a lot about that and it's one of the poorest optimizations around so yeah, even an 8 GB gpu might not be still enough.
  62. Laifot

    Really want to buy right now

    6 GB is enough for more than 70% of the actual games. Only games like Cyberpunk or Daylight might have problems to run at 1080p.
  63. Laifot

    Sticky Member Milestones

    Sometimes i take too much time from something just to avoid dropping it forever :P I can't keep it up with the strong boys though, no matter how hard i try.
  64. Laifot

    Proboards Forum

    You have a basic forum functionality though. Thing is that you can't customize almost anything like in 2005-2006 where free forums were better.
  65. Laifot

    Your current ringtone

    Walls of Jericho by Helloween. The trumpets are so good! and it lasts long enough to avoid the frenetic speed metal sound that comes after.
  66. Laifot

    A Video Game Item

    I'd say a robotic body to time travel like in earthbound.. to fix one or two things before continuing my life now :P
  67. Laifot

    Really want to buy right now

    Bad timing buddy.. but you might want to get nvidia's re-release of the 1050 ti. I want to upgrade my pc really badly to the setup that i WANT, i'm preparing myself for 2022.. already bought the case and the platinum power supply!!
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    Sticky Member Milestones

    Reached 1,500 posts today, i slowed down a lot as i was close to Empire but now he's way ahead. I might end up losing the podium to Kylie some time soon :P
  69. Laifot

    Proboards Forum

    I never saw in my life a non-paid forum that is actually popular, most of them die out because of idleness. I still think that if you have a free domain it might be something good for starters.
  70. Laifot

    The newest friend you made

    My friends here! and i don't need to describe how i met then, you can tell :P
  71. Laifot

    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    I'm totally okay with it, maybe sucks because i will enter in other phase of my life where i need to focus on just fighting for the rest of my life and try to justify the fresh air i take from nature.
  72. Laifot

    How much money would that be?

    I'd say around $5,000. I love videogames but i can totally live without it.
  73. Laifot

    Your personal favorite item

    I'd say my argentinian olympic chess set. My soul is at ease when i look at the board and imagine those battles back in the 70s and 80s when chess players were considered geniuses and their egos where sky high lol
  74. Laifot

    A good excuse

    It's a very general question but i'll try my best. I'm tired! This will work for more than 60% of things like playing any game or watching anything. :P
  75. Laifot

    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    So, this will be my last 2 weeks before turning 30 (damn) i just want to tell you that i haven't grown up since high school lol!
  76. Laifot

    Do you get bored?

    that comes without notice, looking from other perspective will work. There are various ways to focus on retro stuff!
  77. Laifot

    Do you get bored?

    i feel you, it happened a lot to me back when i tried to reform my old community and didn't really put much effort into, i just hoped that people would pop up again..
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    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    finally got to sleep early yesterday! 11.51 pm! way earlier than 2.30 am lol have a great day boys!
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    Sticky What are you listening to?

    Classic song by one of my metal heroes that sadly passed away a long time ago..
  80. Laifot

    What are you wearing

    PJ's now. Failed on my sleeping early test :(
  81. Laifot

    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    So i'm doing good, i took no sleep during the whole afternoon and i washed my car to burn some energy. Prob i'll be playing some blood to tire my eyes and have some sleep, i have to wake up earlier than usual because of the traffic jam.
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    Sticky Daily Diary/Rant Thread

    I switched on my laptop that i use for work and got 10 mails that i didn't check :P I don't care anyways though.
  83. Laifot

    Good or bad credit?

    Nothing has changed since my last post. :P I got the loan but i haven't spent a dime yet, and i wonder when i'll get the chance to update my setup..
  84. Laifot

    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    Yo buddy, this is the last day of my vacations, i will use it to get it back to my usual self and try to sleep early again xd i hope i can make it :P
  85. Laifot

    Your favourite Cakes?

    Not a huge fan of cakes but lemon and choco i think. i like iced cakes much more :P and i can have almost every flavor.
  86. Laifot

    Sticky What are you watching right now?

    I finished an anime show called Drifters.. Totally insaned, it's been YEARS since i marathoned a show like that.. i think it was kakegurui (on netflix) lol It is about famous people that after dying they reborn in other dimension (something like isekais) and there is another war between the...
  87. Laifot

    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    i would also want leo di caprio pointing out at the tv emoji too!
  88. Laifot

    The top of your desk

    My PC and a few water bottles.. And a few unused face masks for going out.
  89. Laifot

    Should they ban zoos?

    Yes, no question about that.. wild animals are meant to live in the wilderness!
  90. Laifot

    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    That's better than staying home everyday and never go anywhere else.. and some people also losing their jobs..
  91. Laifot

    Chapter Six: Where in the World is Incolnshire Pt. 1

    What if he discovers and decide to go after her? we don't know who this man really is! i think it's kinda dangerous.
  92. Laifot

    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    I wanna worry about common things like traffic and work.. not a virus death toll :(
  93. Laifot

    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    The deliveries are taking forever because of this covid thing.. god i want it to end right now!