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    Ask Zap

    That's not anyone facilitating anything like that, unfortunately. But, I do have a large social circle outside of the university, so it's not like I'm in total social despair!
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    Ask Zap

    Kind of lonely actually! I'm in the middle of an entire year where I have no classes. I'm only working on my master thesis, so I don't really meet anyone during the 'work day' :/ Dunno
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    Ask Zap

    I haven't had much time for it the past months, unfortunately. But I actually started picking up a project just a few days ago. Not sure if I'll finish it any time soon, but I'm having fun doing the work.
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    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    I'm good! Been a stressful time lately, a lot of university-related work, but otherwise everything is good! How about you?
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    Ask Zap

    Ask the lobster's evolutionary process :)
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    Ask Zap

    10 :)
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    Sticky Last Game You Played?

    Just bought Football Manager 2022 last night, so gave it a first spin. It's pretty much identical to FM21, only that I got to spend more money!
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    Ask Zap

    Sure, as a kind of institutional f you :)
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    Do you do your own coding?

    I usually code my own frontend designs, but leave any backend work to the pros!
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    Do you like to cook?

    I love to cook! My specialty is either my awesome meatballs in tomato sauce or my homemade ravioli. I've mostly dwelled within Italian cuisine, but working my way through traditional French cooking at the moment.
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    Cannot go anywhere without

    My snuff tobacco, I go crazy without it!
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    The last thing you bought

    A small projection screen
  13. Zap

    Without naming your country,

    Skiing? Oil money, maybe?
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    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    Good morning! I overslept, but that's no biggie when you don't have any plans for the day :) What's up guys?
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    Other Dubbed vs Subtitles

    Always subbed, never dubbed. Dubs take so much away from the acting and how the director intended the characters to come across. Also, it can only be healthy to be exposed to new languages, even when you do not understand them.