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  1. Laifot

    Do you use your mobile Hotspot?

    I see i'm not the only one :P And i'm the only one in my office that has a laptop, everyone else uses a normal PC with wired internet :P
  2. Laifot

    How Do You Feel About Abortion?

    This is true, but it's a lot deeper than just a decision, you have to take in account that it may go wrong, also the situation that the woman got pregnant.. also her health.. that's why i'd want a planned baby, until now i've got it right :)
  3. Laifot

    Do you dress up in costume for Halloween?

    A good friend of mine has his birthday just on Halloween :P most people are scared of him because of that lol
  4. Laifot

    Hey all!

    hey there @aaronjosephhall welcome to the hub!! have a great time here! let me know if you have any doubts also don't hesitate to contact @Hungry Ego @Ash or @Terminated if you have any technical problems! :)
  5. Laifot

    Do you dress up in costume for Halloween?

    Same goes for the Easter day i think. I live in a christian country so halloween is still a taboo here, i don't care about what other people may think of what i do in that day :P
  6. Laifot

    Do you remember your first computer purchase?

    My first pc that i bought with my money was a FX-8150 + GTX 660 ti back in 2011. My previous PCs were gifts from my parents. I had that pc for 9 years, now i own a R5 3600 XT + 1080 Ti. I plan to upgrade it again in a couple of years when things are more "normal".
  7. Laifot

    Official Top Posters of the Month (TPOM) Challenge v2

    I think it was a one-day storm. :( i'm pretty close again :P i might end up breaking my record.
  8. Laifot

    A Phone Recommendation for me please?

    Xiaomi and Realme are good options, i don't know how they work in the states though, i heard that they might have regional blocking problems or something like that. I bought mine for almost 150$ and it's better than a samsung s10!
  9. Laifot

    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    Just ask for unlimited wishes :P God this monday is not over yet, i still need to go to the supermarket after work ;w;
  10. Laifot

    Progressive Dinner

    No, and probably won't do it. Why? because i don't like hosting events like this because i feel extremely anxious on what my guests will think of my food/dishes and overall..
  11. Laifot

    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    I wish for that too but i think that might end up being bad for me, i wouldn't mind learning anything to survive and without my money i would be useless and dependant.
  12. Laifot

    Weight Loss

    I think you're a bit underweight aye? Anyway i'm around 75kg now. i think i might be able to drop to 70 if i continue my regime.
  13. Laifot

    Weight Loss

    Wow, how tall are you? I think i need to drop a few pounds too but i'm not that desperate, most of my gained weight over the lockdown has gone away after 4 months of diet :P
  14. Laifot

    How broke are you right now?

    Nice to see you posting again :P Owning your transport medium is the only way to do your stuff without depending and also your safety has no price, at least over here you're highly exposed to crimes whenever you go into publilc transport services. Replying to the thread.. i'm somehow like...
  15. Laifot

    Do you do your own coding?

    I did lots of plugins for Invision Power Board ages ago, but since i started programming also for a living.. i lost interest in doing this stuff for free :P when i had my project, i would donwload templates and skins to learn how to do it. So yeah, if it's something for my use i use my own coding.
  16. Laifot

    Do you dress up in costume for Halloween?

    Yes, but it's been a while. My last halloween dressing up party was in 2017. I didn't want to go but my friends pushed me to go as a certain schoolgirl lol xd
  17. Laifot

    The Curious Thread... i guess?

    Even the earth has a nice witch hat :P
  18. Laifot

    The Curious Thread... i guess?

    Yeah, i miss seeing your global green posts :(
  19. Laifot

    The last thing you bought

    The result is even more cute. I'm currently styling my wig to try to make it look as original as possible. Now i'm hunting for the boots.
  20. Laifot

    Do you keep your desktop clear?

    i download art pictures a lot and that goes to my desktop, whenever it's not clean.. it's because of the pics that i didn't classify yet :P i'm not an illustrator, i use some pictures to get inspired to write stuff for my book.