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  • 🎄 Christmas 2021 has arrived at Discussion Hub! Click here to learn about the event including the advent calender and decorations 🎅
  1. Ash

    Sticky Christmas Lounge Thread

    What sweets do you normally get them?
  2. Ash

    Announcement Christmas 2021 @ Discussion Hub

    Would be cool if we could do that! Maybe one day :p Glad you guys like the snow. I have reduced it slightly so it's a bit less heavy
  3. Ash

    Official Advent Calendar 2021

    And on the first day of Christmas... all you got was 100 Hubux :) I really do hope that wish comes true for you, especially the Switch :p Nice, that does sound awesome. Wouldn't mind one myself but chances are, I wouldn't get a chance to use it :( We have snow on DH so that counts right :p...
  4. Ash

    Sticky Christmas Lounge Thread

    What are you getting me?
  5. Ash

    Question About the snow...

    Preferences -> Content Options -> "Disable Holiday Styling". That will remove all the snow and extra Christmas decorations for you :) Unfortunately, that might be a weird bug on your side. Is it happening consistently or every few minutes? Tried out the light mode for a short period and it...
  6. Ash

    Official Advent Calendar 2021

    And on the first day of Christmas, all I got was 100 Hubux! Rewards sent to you both @Laifot @Kylie
  7. Ash

    Sticky Christmas Lounge Thread

    Oh yeah, it's one of those gifts that are extremely difficult to get right unless you're 100% sure about what they want.
  8. Ash


  9. Ash

    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    Advent calendar time! No sign of snow for us unfortunately :(
  10. Ash

    Sticky Member Milestones

    Outstanding achievement @Kylie. Thanks for being an amazing member here at DH :)
  11. Ash

    Announcement Christmas 2021 @ Discussion Hub

    Hopefully, it's as good and I'm hoping you guys will love it :) Haha, at least with this, you get to experience a bit of snow for Christmas!
  12. Ash

    Announcement Christmas 2021 @ Discussion Hub

    Can't wait to see what you guys think of the little surprises in the Advent Calendar 👀
  13. Ash

    Announcement Christmas 2021 @ Discussion Hub

    With the festive period beginning, it's time for everyone to enjoy the Christmas period at Discussion Hub! The biggest new festive addition is, of course, the Discussion Hub Advent Calendar. Open up the advent calendar every day to find a nice little surprise that ranges from Hubux gifts...
  14. Ash

    Official Advent Calendar 2021

    🎄🎄 Advent Calendar 🎄🎄 Continuing on from 2020, the Discussion Hub Advent Calendar has arrived once again! Use this thread to discuss the Advent Calendar, post your task proof, and redeem the special rewards.
  15. Ash

    Christmas Movies

    What would you say is your favourite Christmas movie? And how many times have you watched it?
  16. Ash

    Favorite Christmas Song

    Honestly have no idea because I just tend to listen to songs on the radio so never bother to learn the artist or song name. I'll try to Shazam one next time and let you guys know.
  17. Ash

    Secret Santa

    The Reddit one is around $20 I think but it's not a strict one so people tend to go above it quite a lot of the time. For example, if you get a company like Lego or Bill Gates as your SS, chances are, they will be sending you stuff worth $$$
  18. Ash

    Sticky What are you listening to?

    Magic FM
  19. Ash

    Sticky What are you watching right now?

    More episodes of Futurama on Netflix
  20. Ash

    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    Weekend! Enjoyed a bit of shopping earlier today, came home and had some Papa John's (amazing as usual) and now just browsing a few different forums :)