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  1. Laifot

    Your Halloween Costumes Photos

    As the name suggests, post here your REAL photos wearing the costume, you can always edit your photos (make it blurry, cover your face). The best photo (for me) shall win a nice prize. :) Contest Winner: @Masterminor and the prize is an Emerald Membership per 1 month! :D
  2. Laifot

    Question Accumulated Emerald Memberships

    Hi! Just wanted to report that my TPOM prize is being used while i bought my 1 year emerald membership, i just realised that by clicking in my inventory trying to customize my profile.
  3. Laifot

    Issue Hubux won't show right

    Hi! i remember having more than a thousand hubux by today.. and now it shows only 336. Why is that?
  4. Laifot

    Emotional/Heartbreaking Anime

    Hi all, this is the first thread of the group, i wanted to share a few shows that made me emotional and made me sob a bit, it doesn't have to be romantic, it could be a shounen show too. My personal list: Clannad: Is one of the most well known anime that everybody knows is sad. I won't say...
  5. Laifot

    Question GIFs as Avatars?

    As the title says, can we have that feature? obviously not surpassing the current weight limit.
  6. Laifot

    Best Christmas So Far

    As the title says, can you write about your best christmas so far? Mine was when we were in Europe back in 2010, it was terribly cold everything was so fine, we've got plenty of good food and the landscapes were awesome, and also was the last time i've spent with all my whole family, then my...
  7. Laifot

    Music Christmas Playlist

    Hi there! The objective of this thread is to pick 5 songs that you discovered this year (not your favorite songs) that made it to your heart and you will cherish from now on. And try to summarize in a few sentences what it means for you. 1. All the fools sailed away - Dio I have listened to...
  8. Laifot

    Anime Halloween Anime Shows

    So there's my humble list for Anime Shows that have horror inside. Anime already seen Higurashi Hellsing Monster Petshop of Horrors Puppet Princess Vampire Hunter D (both films) Death Note Boogiepop Phantom Blood Perfect Blue Kara No Kyoukai Aoi Anime currently being watched and appraised...
  9. Laifot

    Halloween Costumes

    Hi! Have you ever worn a Costume for a Halloween party? if that's true then share your experience! I have worn a low cost viking costume because i had nothing else to wear for less than $10 :P
  10. Laifot

    Feedback/Suggestion Visible Timer for Suscriptions

    Hey there, i'd like to know when my monthly suscriptions are over (Username Style and also Emerald Membership) Just to know when to renew again. :)
  11. Laifot

    MindPiff - Discussion Community

    This is a forum that one of my dearest friends in the web is hosting since 2018, and we chat pretty much of everything from Fairy Tales to Gaming. Rules are simple, have fun and talk about anything you have in mind in a friendly way. With a nice theme and constant improvement we hope to offer...
  12. Laifot

    Among Us

    What do you think of this game? I haven't put it much attention. In the past i'd play games like Town Of Salem which seems to be a lot more deep than this but it's fun. I'd only play with a group of friends though.
  13. Laifot

    The Curious Thread... i guess?

    Hi i'm not good at introductions so i'll glady reply your inquiries. If you wanna know, that is.