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  1. Jay

    Sticky Last website that you visited?

  2. Jay

    Sticky Last thing you ate/drank?

    Beef stir fry.
  3. Jay

    Favorite tv show as a teen

    I still watch them when they pop on, they never get old.
  4. Jay

    The Corona Times

    Nothing changed for me here besides having to wear masks everywhere however that is long gone now.:cat-jam:
  5. Jay

    Would you rather have another 10 years with your partner or a one-night stand with your celebrity crush?

    It would be 10 years for me. How about you?
  6. Jay

    Would you rather have the ability to see 10 minutes into the future or

    Would you rather have the ability to see 10 minutes into the future or 150 years into the future? I think 10 minutes would be fine for me. And you?
  7. Jay

    How do you spend your free time?

    I like to hang around the house and do small jobs that I usually put off, then relax in the yard and lite a fire. What do you do?
  8. Jay

    What is one thing that always makes you laugh?

    Watching new people launch their boats and trying to park their RVs. And you?
  9. Jay

    What is your favorite guilty pleasure TV show?

    I would have to say it's still NCIS. And you?
  10. Jay

    If you could move anywhere, where would you go?

    I'm not sure I would move anywhere. I like having summer and winter, but I think I would miss the snow. And you?
  11. Jay

    Where would you go on vacation if you had no budget?

    For me, there are many local placed to visit that don't cost anything. How about you?
  12. Jay

    Marijuana: Should it be legal?

    It is legal where I live, heck we have three weed shops in town.
  13. Jay

    Sticky What made you smile today?

    Waking up to see a nice sunny day.
  14. Jay

    Money is Powerful!

    I know having lots of money would not change me at all. I would be helping family and friends.
  15. Jay

    September's WinBux Giveaway Winner

    @Kylie @Empire Congratulations on winning September's Winbux giveaway Thanks for supporting Discussionhub.:)
  16. Jay

    Favorite tv show as a teen

    Well, I have many but I do love Star-Trek
  17. Jay

    Your favorite board game

    I like skip-bo with partners. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skip-Bo
  18. Jay

    Site Promotion Disney Land Love!

    Great job @Naiwen
  19. Jay

    Sticky What are you watching right now?

    Which one do you watch? I watch them all.