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  1. sunflowerlover

    Sticky Last thing you ate/drank?

    Pizza for lunch
  2. sunflowerlover

    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    Scary and bad time for me,with that hurricane headed straight towards me 😔Cat 4 now of course it could always change,it's always changing,that's why you always have to watch the updates on the news.
  3. sunflowerlover

    Is there any movie you feel is better than the book?

    Definitely the twilight series
  4. sunflowerlover

    TV Shows Favorite tv show

    What's your favorite tv shows? Mine are Chicago fire,ncis,the fbis
  5. sunflowerlover

    Chocolate or vanilla

    Do you like chocolate or vanilla better?
  6. sunflowerlover

    Sticky Last thing you ate/drank?

    I had chicken wings and potato salad for dinner tonight
  7. sunflowerlover

    Dating Advice?

    no I can't say that I ever have.
  8. sunflowerlover

    Do you ever feel lonely?

    Yes I feel lonely all the time,it's not easy finding a great guy.
  9. sunflowerlover

    Are you single?

    Yes I am single
  10. sunflowerlover

    Good communication can help keep long distance relationship alive

    I have been there and done that,having a long distance relationship is very hard,you can make it work if the both of you want it to work,communion is the number 1 key to keeping a long distance relationship.
  11. sunflowerlover

    Excited or scared

    Do you look forward to the future or scared of what will happen in the future?
  12. sunflowerlover

    Best memory

    What's your best memory that you have?
  13. sunflowerlover

    Sticky What app did you last use?

    Tik tok like always
  14. sunflowerlover

    Do you like real or fake?

    I agree,it is a pain to have to do all that.
  15. sunflowerlover

    Animal Lovers Rejoice!

    Awesome,I would love to see them 🙂
  16. sunflowerlover

    Animal Lovers Rejoice!

  17. sunflowerlover

    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    Hey everyone,how are you all doing today?I hope you all have a good day 🙂
  18. sunflowerlover

    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    Checking it out now,definitely going to join.