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  1. Grungie

    I can't stand Miley Cyrus!

    I don’t care bough about her to complain.
  2. Grungie

    Google Stadia shutting down

    Doesn’t surprise me, Google seemed half invested in the project. The part I thought was dumb was how you have to pay for the service, on top of buying the individual games that you don’t own. It’s like paying for Netflix, but you still have to buy each individual episode or show just to stream...
  3. Grungie

    Did you use Bluetooth Hardware?

    If the file is infected with a virus, whether or not you’re using a cable won’t change the status of the virus.
  4. Grungie

    Marijuana: Should it be legal?

    Weed’s less destructive than alcohol. I do think it’s hilarious that people keep trying to push that it’s not addictive, despite using all of these synonyms (like weed habit) as a way to dance around it. Like, how many different ways can we say someone’s addicted without actually saying it’s...
  5. Grungie

    Worst fast food chain restaurant

    Until I very recently found a good one, I thought Jack in the Box was incredibly mediocre. I’m not used to living in a place that had one, but I was excited to try it out. It wasn’t disgusting or anything, but I thought it just wasn’t memorable in the slightest for me. Other fast food chains...
  6. Grungie

    Desktops VS Laptops

    I have both
  7. Grungie

    Doxed transgender activist, Twitch streamer leaving Canada due to ongoing threats

    I saw this get blown up on Twitter, so I did some further research. Apparently Keffels is actually a Twitter provocateur, and is constantly picking fights with people and goes after them for telling her off, or just for the crime of telling her off. She also loves doxxing people. She’s also got...
  8. Grungie

    When was the last time you backed up your data?

    I just have things locally and on my file server. I don’t use encryption because they have to break into my house to get to it in the first place.
  9. Grungie

    Do you overshare on social media?

    Just don’t post stuff like your credit card account, home address, and your driver’s license. Don’t go too crazy with the outside of your house either. There’s easy ways to get that information without your social media account anyway…
  10. Grungie

    Are you protected behind a firewall and a VPN?

    I use this stuff at work, and know what they do, so they’re unnecessary in my home life. I only use the VPN for accessing geo restricted content. Also, a lot of people using this stuff don’t actually know what they do, and continue with unsafe practices making these pointless. Using a VPN on...
  11. Grungie

    Doxed transgender activist, Twitch streamer leaving Canada due to ongoing threats

    Doubt it, threats like that don’t deter people like that. They’ll just hide under more security to obscure their identity. Usually you’ll end up making it harder to shut down the more you try.
  12. Grungie

    Doxed transgender activist, Twitch streamer leaving Canada due to ongoing threats

    The issue with sites like that, is that even if you get it shut down, they'll just move somewhere else. It'll just be an endless game of wack a mole.
  13. Grungie

    Can you tell a secure website from one that isn’t?

    I know on Chrome there's usually a lock on the URL if it's secure. It's not 2008 anymore.
  14. Grungie

    If North Korea has Covid beat, why buy 1 million face masks from China?

    I don’t trust much of anything that comes from North Korea.
  15. Grungie

    What’s worse?

    I hate runny noses, I usually stuff tissues inside like I have a bloody nose.
  16. Grungie

    How much do you change when you know no one is around?

    I’m just quieter when nobody is around, because… nobody is around.
  17. Grungie

    How insecure are you?

    My insecurity is that I’m so hot and sexy, it makes other people insecure.
  18. Grungie

    The mark of a true gamer

    Yeah, I always seen it treated as a form of gatekeeping by people who take gaming way too seriously.
  19. Grungie

    Relaxing gameplay or a challenge?

    I surprisingly get relaxed doing a ton of grinding in RPG's. I can shut my brain off for a few hours.
  20. Grungie

    The mark of a true gamer

    I always thought the term "true gamer" was weird