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  1. Cam

    Who actually buys from spam threads?

    Spam threads are the only place where I get my Viagra.
  2. Cam

    Max amount you'll spend on a phone?

    Same. Maybe I’ll be smarter about it this time around. I’ve just really wanted to splurge these last two phones I’ve gotten.
  3. Cam


  4. Cam

    What's your posture like while playing games?

    I’ll regret it someday, no doubt.
  5. Cam

    When there is a difference in religion?

    Yes, but I wouldn’t say it impacted anything. It was just something we didn’t talk about.
  6. Cam

    Should cats be kept indoors?

    Both of my cats have been house cats since we got them as kittens, so they have no interest in even exploring the outside world. I would say pet cats should be kept inside, but I also have friends/family who have cats that wander. They’re typically strays that they basically adopted by putting...
  7. Cam

    Site Promotion Forum Promotion: Best Webmaster, Admin, & Internet Marketing Forum

    Haven't bumped this topic up lately, but our new style went live just a couple weeks ago. Here's the announcement about it: forumpromotion.net/threads/new-look.181199/
  8. Cam

    Ice cream

    Ice cream
  9. Cam

    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    I’m great. How are you?
  10. Cam

    Announcement Mardi Gras Celebration Thread

    I don’t think I’ve gotten any of those 89. :eek:
  11. Cam

    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    Ready for the weekend. Friday needs to fly by. 😎
  12. Cam


    Hey @Bec! It’s awesome to have you here. Welcome to DH!
  13. Cam

    Max amount you'll spend on a phone?

    I’m sure I don’t take advantage of any of the extra features of the iPhone Pro, but it’s enticing just to have the option to use them. :P
  14. Cam

    Max amount you'll spend on a phone?

    I typically wouldn’t pay it all up front. I’d take advantage of one of those interest free services that allow you to do a monthly payment plan. I typically upgrade my phone every 2-3 years, and I try to buy the best iPhone available at the time. That means spending like $1200 on a phone.
  15. Cam

    What celebrity did you want to date/marry?

    Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. Did you just say bitch? She’s a Goddess…. Anyway, I’d deal with all of those things. :P
  16. Cam

    What do you prefer to buy in person?

    Ordered my last mattress online, never doing that again. Most of them have pretty great trial periods, but it’s such an aggravation to deal with potentially returning it.
  17. Cam

    Site Promotion Find a Forum

    Whoa, take it easy. Reddit is like the Sith Lord for us Jedi. But seriously, very cool idea. Hopefully I can add all my sites on there soon. :)
  18. Cam

    Worthless tech in your vehicle?

    My work vehicle has the feature, and I’m constantly turning it off. Find it very aggravating. Actually had an issue where it did it when I was waiting in a turning lane and my car wouldn’t start back up. Offended. :O
  19. Cam

    Did you rebel in your youth?

    Definitely not. I’ve always been someone to follow the rules. Didn’t have that phase in my life at all, other than a little bit of underage drinking.