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  1. Hungry Ego

    Community Events: What have you done?

    What community events have you put on for your own sites or teams? This can be a virtual event or even an in person one (pre-COVID of course). We tried a live meetup here. It didn’t go as planned, BUT, we will give it another shot soon! And we’ll work on the timing as well 😁. What have you...
  2. Hungry Ego

    Annoucement Top Posters of the Month (TPOM) Challenge

    Hello Community! Starting in August, we will be recognizing and rewarding our top 3 posters of the month with Hubux and some added bonuses. The Top Poster of the Month will receive: Fancy and esteemed "Top Poster" badge Exclusive Diamond Membership for 1-month 250 Hubux 1 free user title...
  3. Hungry Ego

    What are you afraid of?

    I HATE SPIDERS. As I am writing this, I just noticed a big spider hanging from the patio door frame behind me, and it is making me extremely anxious. I am going to make an attempt at killing the 8-legged freak, but it I miss or it gets away I may need to burn it all to the ground. Here's hoping...
  4. Hungry Ego

    COVID-19 Tracking Apps

    My province just released a COVID-19 notification/tracking app which is being trial tested to be released to the rest of the country if it works out. This device does not collect any data from you, does not track your geo location, and is pretty straightforward. The code is open source so I am...
  5. Hungry Ego

    Contract or Outright purchase?

    Do you prefer to buy your mobile phone outright, or have it subsidized through a contract agreement with your provider? What the major providers here in Canada are doing now is getting consumers to pay an upfront cost for the phone ($100-400 normally), then monthly payments towards the cost of...
  6. Hungry Ego

    Feedback/Suggestion Badge Suggestions

    Hey! I am looking for some suggestions and ideas for new badges that we could add to the shop and/or automatically be awarded for reaching a specific milestone. What are some badge ideas that you have?
  7. Hungry Ego

    Taylor Swift Discussion Thread

    So Taylor just launched a new album entitled "Folklore" and can be listened to on Spotify here. Are you a fan of Taylor? Have you listened to this album yet? Will you listen to the album? I am personally working through my first run of it right now and am on the 5th song. So far it is not too...
  8. Hungry Ego

    Making extra you have any side gigs?

    I have been fortunate this year that my employment was never interrupted. I am not an essential worker, however I am fortunate enough to work for a company that has the means to support its workforce working remotely. However since I have been working from home for so long, it has encouraged me...
  9. Hungry Ego

    Describe your job in 6 words or less...

    For me, I would describe my job as: Glorified party planner for corporate employees. What about you?
  10. Hungry Ego

    Thunderstorms...Are they all they're cracked up to be?

    So I was sitting by my backdoor for about an hour tonight just watching the tremendous amount of rain coming down and the sounds/flashes or thunder/lightning from the storm going through. The amount of rain that was coming down, ultimately overwhelmed the sewer system and there was mild...
  11. Hungry Ego

    The flag of 2020...

    I saw this on Facebook and it made me chuckle. How are you going to remember 2020? Does anything jump out at you from it besides...y’know...the quarantine?
  12. Hungry Ego

    My life today... Wednesday July 29, 2020

    So today I found out that a project I had been working on for a couple weeks before going on vacation got scrapped. The people who gave it approval are now pulling back on it. I found out because a coworker who is covering me sent me a message on our internal chat system to give me an update...
  13. Hungry Ego

    The Sims

    So I think it is time for me to look into getting The Sims 4. I have been getting lost in youtube videos just watching people designing their sim-houses and I think that might be "fun and exciting" for a bit :P. I just checked Steam and The Sims 4 is $ I "really" want to play it?
  14. Hungry Ego

    Giant swarm of flying ants over U.K. looked like rain on weather radar

    Here's hoping this swarm of ants didn't consumer @Ash and all of the others in the UK! Did anyone get trapped in the swarm?
  15. Hungry Ego

    Family time during Covid-19

    What have you and your families done to get together celebrate events with each other during covid-19? Something my family and I do is we have virtual family game night every saturday for 3ish hours. Been going for 8 or so weeks now and it is becoming a regular thing. Cost about $20 for a...
  16. Hungry Ego


    Is anyone else having issues with Discord? Looks like there is a huge outage online and Discord is one of the affected services. Also, the comments on their twitter are pretty awesome:
  17. Hungry Ego

    How many staff do you have?

    How many staff do you have working on your community or website? What went into the decision to onboard that number? What are their roles/positions? At DH, we have 3 staff members. 2 Admins (@Ash and myself) and 1 Moderator (@Jordan ) . Ash is the popular/technical guy for the site while I am...
  18. Hungry Ego

    Pokemon Games

    Out of all of the Gameboy games from the original yellow/red/blue up until now...which was your favourite? I loved playing Pokemon yellow and having the pikachu follow me around like a lost little puppy. I think I stopped collecting those games once Diamond or something came out, and to be...
  19. Hungry Ego

    Top 5 Software on your machine...

    What are the top 5 pieces of software that you have on your machine, with the exception of the Operating System? For me the top 5 are: Google Chrome Discord McAfee Internet Security Skype Microsoft Edge (they just updated it. I mainly use it when I am trying to see something from a different...
  20. Hungry Ego

    Your favourite store to shop at and why?

    My favourite store to shop at used to be Best Buy, but I think that might have changed to Costco (or even Amazon) during this pandemic. I chose Costco because of their huge products. I am a HUGE fan of buying in bulk and that has allowed me to do 1 big shop per month (costco) and then a couple...