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  1. Ravenfreak

    Ask Ravenfreak!

    I watched a few episodes with my wife, but haven't watched anymore since. I've been meaning to get back into it though, we liked what we saw but we just got into other franchises and kind of forgot about it. :V
  2. Ravenfreak

    My YouTube Vlog!

    I've been subscribed to your channel for a while now, awesome work!
  3. Ravenfreak

    Do you get car sick?

    I've only got car sick once when I was younger. I didn't actually throw up though, I felt like I was going to though. I was playing my gameboy color in the back seat of my Uncle's car as we were traveling to my Aunt Debbie's house out in the country. I had to stop playing and just relax until we...
  4. Ravenfreak

    Christmas Lights

    Do you ever put up christmas lights outside your house? Or do you have other Christmas decorations you put up outside every year? We do have a set of lights but they go around the christmas tree. Our neighbor who just moved in a few months ago have a inflatable Santa Clause outside their house. xD
  5. Ravenfreak

    Ask Ravenfreak!

    Yep! xD My avatar is Michiru Kaioh from the anime Sailor Moon. She's Sailor Neptune btw. xD It's definitely my favorite classic anime, but my favorite modern anime is My Hero Academia.
  6. Ravenfreak

    Sticky Merciless Creations | Graphic Design Shop | OPEN

    Thanks again I really appreciate it! I've been thinking about adding new member groups too so this is great! :D I will definitely be adding these to the site soon! :)
  7. Ravenfreak

    Ask Ravenfreak!

    TBH I never really got into Terminator. ^_^; I don't watch movies too often to be honest with you. I know I need to get around to seeing them though eventually. :P
  8. Ravenfreak

    Ask Ravenfreak!

    It's good, just not as good as the original. I enjoyed it for what it was, but I wish the trailer didn't have a major spoiler. :V
  9. Ravenfreak

    Sticky Merciless Creations | Graphic Design Shop | OPEN

    Thank you, sorry I picked a premium font. ^_^; I just searched for "professional fonts" I didn't realize the one I picked cost money. :V I definitely dig the second rank a bit more, both sets are good though! I will go with the second banner, you did a wonderful job on both thank you! :D
  10. Ravenfreak

    Ask Ravenfreak!

    Of all time? It's gotta be Pet Sematary, the original one. I used to watch the VHS tape my dad recorded off the USA network back in 2001 over and over again. xD We had turkey, stuffing, noodles, mashed potatoes, rolls, and green bean casserole. xD For dessert I had chocolate pie!
  11. Ravenfreak

    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    One can hope that 2021 will be better! The pandemic probably isn't going to stop anytime soon, maybe in late 2021 we might all be able to travel again. :V Just got to think positive after all! And oof, it's been years yeah then it's time to move on. xD Still that sucks regardless, but at least...
  12. Ravenfreak

    Sticky Last Game You Played?

    Two of my old Sonic rom hacks, one was terrible and the other was just meh. I actually recorded a little gameplay and my reaction to them too. xD
  13. Ravenfreak

    Sticky Merciless Creations | Graphic Design Shop | OPEN

    480x60 would be great, thanks again dude I really appreciate it!
  14. Ravenfreak

    Ask Ravenfreak!

    It was good, I had dinner early like usual. The rest of the day I relaxed, and I talked to my parents on the phone for a bit. :)
  15. Ravenfreak

    Why did you create your forum?

    I typically create my forums out of boredom but I also love having a community where other people can chill and have a good time. My current one came to be because of another project I'm working on, an odd Youtube channel. The community itself is a general chat forum, but it's there for everyone...
  16. Ravenfreak

    Who is your favorite Super Hero/Heroine?

    Raven hands down is my favorite super heroine. Her backstory is tragic, but she is a half demon after all. Plus I love the extra abilities Glen Murakami gave her in the Teen Titans animated series. I think she's the strongest of the Titans, at least magic wise.
  17. Ravenfreak

    Domain Renewals

    I typically just stick to whatever registrar I used to buy the domain. I did transfer one of my domain names in the past from one registrar to another, but it wasn't because it was close to being expired, I didn't have a good experience with the other registrar.
  18. Ravenfreak

    Does anyone purchase software anymore?

    I've only paid for games on my PC, other than that the programs I use are free. I feel that the free alternatives offer enough features for what I do. Open office is just as good as Microsoft Office so I use that whenever I write articles for a website, and I use Openshot video editor to edit my...
  19. Ravenfreak

    Sticky Advent Calendar 2020

    So advent calendars always fascinated me, but they're not too common here in the states. :P I'm a very intrigued though!
  20. Ravenfreak

    Ask Ravenfreak!

    It's gotta be rom hacking! I love hacking Sonic on the Sega Master System, I've got a few disassemblies in the works. It's tons of fun being able to make changes to the game, and I like helping others whenever they want to hack the games too.