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    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    Something around 700-800 US dollars, i was planning on getting some ryzen 5 4000 series notebook or intel i5 10th gen, but it's over 1k at the moment.
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    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    For a minute i thought i could buy a nice notebook for my comfy gaming portability but it seems that it goes way off the budget. Bad times for techies, let's hope that this covid thing stops soon :(
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    New on Netflix/What to Watch February 2021

    I was watching a lot of Warner series and after December 31st of 2020 they are just gone :( Now, White Tiger is finally airing! you'd better watch that boys!
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    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    Been eagerly waiting for this day to post this :P
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    New on Netflix/What to Watch February 2021

    Those lists are only for us citizens. Most of them won't even make it here sadly :( I wanna see Inception again though!
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    Favorite chips?

    Pringles :D I'm not the chip guy, i like choco bars instead or popcorn when i'm in the movies :D
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    Money Spent - Game! Hype!

    I don't know how much money i've spent on League Of Legends.. bought a lot of skins for me and my ex gf xd
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    Alarm Clock or Phone?

    I use the phone alarm clock, it has a smooth sound like rain drops.. it feels refreshing :P I hate the monotonous beats of classic alarm clocks..
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    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    I recovered faster than expected :D Have a nice day boys!
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    What was the first forum you joined?

    we also had that at our forum back in 2009. I remember modifying a mybb darked theme with grayish snowflakes :P when it died we moved it to the proboard free site and just spammed there.
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    Announcement Top Posters of the Month (TPOM) Challenge

    It's been hell really, after a few days i can finally walk and have a bite :P
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    The Curious Thread... i guess?

    I'd go with Italy and Peru. Worst: Chile by far.
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    Windows 10?

    For that kind of processors you'll need a better mobo that's for sure, TUF only handles well up to R7, it has a poor VRM which translates into bad temperatures. You can still mount it but it won't work how they're supposed to. I haven't used a ethernet port since early 2010 lol. If you try...
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    Do you tip?

    Depends on what i feel about the service but i usually do, now.. in "serious" restaurants i always give 10% tip. Sometimes they get angry because i don't lol
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    Announcement Top Posters of the Month (TPOM) Challenge

    My surgery took 12 hours, i've had mixed feelings of i don't wanna give up and i don't care about it anymore, really plays with your patience and your struggle within. Hell i wish i could have more control over myself for these kind of things. On the otherside i'm doing regularly i think, not...
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    and now yay for 15k! almost 2 weeks later :P

    and now yay for 15k! almost 2 weeks later :P
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    There are some patterns to follow while trying not to leave your audience blind because of your combination lol annoying colours also means a forever NO to a site.
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    What was the first forum you joined?

    Was it always this way? if yes then it's a glass full of nostalgia right there, gives me joy that i'm practically looking at the internet back in my highschool days lol
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    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    So, the end of the worst labor day of the week is coming.. my car is not available so i'm taking the bus :(
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    Is Overpopulation A Problem?

    Yes, feeding billions of people is far more complicated than a million, you'll need a big food industry and that requires a lot of space.. also viruses tend to spread all over when a lot of people live in a very small place.