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  1. Empire

    Do you use e-cigarette?

    So if you read the other topic regards do you smoke then this is about those that do yet users e-cigarette. ANyone have used e-cigarette? IMage hype :P
  2. Empire

    Beer lovers

    Who drinks beer? who is a beer lover and drinker? Does anyone have the Kona beer?
  3. Empire

    Who played ECO?

    SOo who has played Eco the game that's still in beta that's all server-based? GAME:
  4. Empire

    Streaming Starzplay Network!

    I have an starzplay added subscription on Amazon, it's not the bad price of $4.95. Anyone has starzplay and worth the cost. Able to watch anything that it has got to offer.
  5. Empire

    Google Ban, Australia

    No idea if you guys heard but seem that google and the people are having a party. Read all about it: First time for everything I say, we seem to know who to blame...
  6. Empire

    Gaming Phones beating Gaming RIgs

    So let's say into the future of 2050 and phones that can play games like FLight sims and call of duty games that are for PC. Why not :p
  7. Empire

    Smartphones for around £100

    Any good smartphones that are unlocked sim for around £100 :) Something nice that has what you got for a good price ;)
  8. Empire

    Money Spent - Game! Hype!

    What's the highest amount of money you spent on one single game? Was it $5000 or $10 or nothing?
  9. Empire

    Thoughts on Intel 11th Gen?

    So people, what are your thoughts on the upcoming Intel 11th Gen?
  10. Empire

    Money is Powerful!

    Well? Is it very powerful ver peoples life more than anything else?
  11. Empire

    Have you done anything Christmassy today?

    Each day till the big day lets talk about your day. That's right as the title says? Everyday till that day comes I want to hear you doing something Christmassy :)
  12. Empire


    Phones are living with you and others, we use it every day and take them anywhere at any point in time. We even take our phones in the toilets. Then again it's in our pockets. I do hate when you peeing and someone is talking on the phone on the low. So we all had errors when we say flip and...
  13. Empire

    How long you keep your phone for?

    So how long does your phone last, or should say how long do you keep your phone until it dies? I know to the fact that if it's your own phone, outright or on contracts. If on a contract deal then at times you have no option to keep it for 2 years or so. For me, 16 years so far and really...
  14. Empire

    What do you use photoshop for?

    You can use it for anything right, Yet :) What I mean when you have it open what are you making or doing or editing most of the time?
  15. Empire

    Font pairing website!

    Hello! I am designing some t-shirts and am after some font pairing website recommendations. I found one a few months back that helped you match fonts but can't find it again. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)
  16. Empire

    Who Loves it?

    Each year for one 12 hours only who enjoys going out and killing those little pesky kids as the full nation is on full lockdown? Oh wait that's the purge :P Well who Halloween?
  17. Empire

    Halloween GAme Thread!

    What are your favorite scray videogames? What kind of game system/console do you have to play the games? Let's talk about any games related to Booo and Whooo and Scray
  18. Empire

    Movies Any "romantic" Halloween movies?

    A friend of ours works at a senior living facility and is planning their Halloween activities. She asked me if I know of any romantic Halloween movies. I don't! I could only think of Corpse Bride, but have never seen it so can't speak about it. Any ideas on this. Drawing a blank.
  19. Empire

    Community Of BaysideGamers!

    SITE NAME BaysideGamers ( ABOUT US So what can we tell you about ourselves? A group of like-minded game enthusiasts, just like you. We are a modding community of the GTA and ETS2 series and also working on much other gaming to simulation styles. We promise to provide the...
  20. Empire

    Ask Empire Something!

    Go ahead and ask me some cool things that you have on your mind!