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  1. Demon_skeith

    Buying clothes

    Used to go to Khols, but I've been in money saving mode the last few years and if I need anything either online at Amazon or a local small store.
  2. Demon_skeith

    Amazon to build giant, swirling 'Helix' at its HQ2 in Virginia

    What are they? Trying to out flex Apple in how their employees enjoy their daily lives?
  3. Demon_skeith

    Feels more like a job than like a game

    Anything that requires a lot of grinding or build up, Zelda BotW would be greatly guilty of this with the gold seed collection.
  4. Demon_skeith

    Computer Location

    The family PC is in the living room, my personal one remains in my bedroom.
  5. Demon_skeith

    An addiction

    Buying anime dvds around Christmas time, just can't resist...
  6. Demon_skeith

    Worth spending extra money on

    Anything that enhances your purchase I'd say.
  7. Demon_skeith

    PS5 controller defect lawsuit

    I honestly never heard of that one before.
  8. Demon_skeith

    Worst fast food chain restaurant

    I'd say most of them are, seems like they all make sure there is enough salt and grease on everything to keep you coming back.
  9. Demon_skeith

    Your first face mask

    I lucked out and my job gave me a few washable cloth masks. So I never had to spend money on one.
  10. Demon_skeith

    The recycle bin

    always the first icon in the upper left hand corner. Just seems like the right spot for it.
  11. Demon_skeith

    Working at night

    uuhh, I would hate to work that time slot. Plus working that late really kills one's sleep schedule.
  12. Demon_skeith

    The go-to snack

    The top two for me would be either popcorn or ritz bits with peanut butter.
  13. Demon_skeith

    What do you use to clean

    Just a soft fiber cloth, if there is a bit of a stain I'll use a lightly damp fiber cloth.
  14. Demon_skeith

    Daily medication

    It's not medicine, but I take Yaeyama chlorella and during the summer clairtin daily.
  15. Demon_skeith

    Working at night

    I'm a night owl, so I was lucky enough to get a job at night that I work until midnight. Not sure what I will do once I get a day job.
  16. Demon_skeith

    State of Play 2/25/21 Discussion

    So what did you guys think of it? Mostly updates but got a few new teases.
  17. Demon_skeith

    PlayStation 2

    once I cross into SSD gaming, all old school gaming is sure to be dead for me.
  18. Demon_skeith

    Is Overpopulation A Problem?

    To be darkly honest, if it wasn't for wars, disease, weather disasters, and other things that have happened in human history up to this point, we be in a lot of trouble. To the point I wouldn't be here as I'm sure most of the world government would ban any family from having more than one child...
  19. Demon_skeith

    PlayStation 2

    I still have my original fat PS2, I know it didn't play DVD moves well but it plays games just fine. I should break it out, there are a few PS1 and PS2 games I still like to play.
  20. Demon_skeith

    Your McDonalds order

    Nothing, I haven't eaten there in over 21 years. Hope to never go back.