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  1. JennyorAlice

    Your phone died

    Luckily I've never had my phone die on me. But I can imagine the worst time for it to die on me would be when I broke down on the side of the road and needed to call someone for help.
  2. JennyorAlice

    Sticky What are you listening to?

    The TV My hubby is watching tv but I don't know what show he's watching.
  3. JennyorAlice

    Ever undergone surgery

    The only surgery I've ever had was when I had my wisdom teeth removed.
  4. JennyorAlice

    One 'do over' in your life

    This. Also, I've thought about what would have happened if I'd gone to college but if I'd gone to college instead of getting my first job right out of high school, I would never have met my hubby.
  5. JennyorAlice

    Sticky What are you watching right now?

    Just watched the very ending of Antman and the Wasp. I'd already seen the movie so I knew how it ended.
  6. JennyorAlice

    Indoor plants.....?

    Does anyone here have any indoor plants? If so, what kind do you have? How often do you water them? Have you ever transferred them over to a bigger pot because they started outgrowing their current pot?
  7. JennyorAlice

    Sticky What are you watching right now?

    I'm not watching anything right now because I'm fixing to go to work. But the last thing I watched was an episode of Paranormal Caught on Camera.
  8. JennyorAlice


    Last thing I bought was groceries, I believe. So I get a lifetime supply of groceries....that'll take a load off financially. I can eat whatever I want and not have to pay for it.
  9. JennyorAlice

    President Joe Biden Ends 20 Year Afghanistan War

    I'm glad they're ending this. I think it's a long time coming. Not trying to sound unappreciative of our military.
  10. JennyorAlice

    First social media account

    I think I had MySpace back in the day before I got on Facebook.
  11. JennyorAlice

    What are you wearing

    I"m still in my pj's. It's my day off and I didn't have to go anywhere.
  12. JennyorAlice

    Sticky What are you watching right now?

    Some re-runs of Paranormal Caught on Camera....
  13. JennyorAlice

    Your cell number

    I've had my cell number sense right after my hubby and I got married and it's been almost 20 years since we got married.
  14. JennyorAlice

    Other Spoilers?

    No, I don't. My hubby has a friend that will go online and read all about a movie prior to going to watch a movie. Now, if you want to ruin a movie for yourself, that's fine. But he always comes and tells us about the movie before we can get in to see the movie and it's a pain.
  15. JennyorAlice

    Red flag on a first date

    That's similar to what I was going to post. You can't possibly know that you love someone on the first date. I know someone that falls in love pretty much that quickly but they're a guy though. This particular person doesn't have a friend zone. You're either in love with him or you don't...
  16. JennyorAlice

    Now closed store/business

    We have fewer book stores around where I live, More and more people are getting some kind of tablet or e-reader and reading on them instead of reading an actual book.
  17. JennyorAlice

    Movies Black Widow

    I've seen some trailers but I haven't heard of a release for it. I'm glad I'm not the only one wondering about this.
  18. JennyorAlice

    Free Hosting Vs. Paid Hosting

    Free hosting is okay if you're someone who can't afford to spend any money on it. I've seen some pretty nice communities on free hosting. They're not all bad. It depends on who is behind it all and the amount of work they're willing to put into it.
  19. JennyorAlice

    Frustrated with a forum?

    I've had some forums I've left for various reasons. Usually it's because there's someone on that forum, either another member or a member of the staff, that's acting like a total brat.
  20. JennyorAlice

    Wearing Men’s Clothes to Bed as a Woman?

    I agree, what you do inside your own home is your own business. Plus, it's not like it's illegal or anything.... I'll normally wear a tank top and a pair of men's boxers to bed. Who cares? It's not like the general public will see what I'm wearing to bed.