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  1. Craig

    Do you smoke?

    I used to smoke, I stopped just before my grandfather passed, which resulted in me starting again.. I just managed to cut down to just the bare minimum of a few each day when the news my Gran had terminal cancer came about and well, since then I've not stopped smoking.. The past 2 years itself...
  2. Craig

    The oldest piece of technology

    I'm guessing it's not just something old that you recently purchased? I'm going to have to say my Samsung-E900.. it's a good little burner.. After that it'd have to be my Technika TV that i'm using as a monitor as I lost the remote for it several year's back and it takes ages to change the...
  3. Craig

    New Theme Released

    Okay.. so.. The Light version sent me blind.. the Dark version was too blue for me. I've reverted back to the default theme. :P
  4. Craig

    How many TV's do you have

    I have 5 TV's altogether.. 4 if you don't include the one I'm using as a PC monitor. I have a 50" in my bedroom another 50" for the downstairs livingroom, and a 32" inch in the guest room. (the pc monitor is also 32" and is located in my room.)
  5. Craig

    When is your birthday?

    17th September.
  6. Craig

    Hello From NJ

    Welcome to the community, @Kylie.
  7. Craig

    Do you take naps?

    I would say sleep when they both are sleeping but we both know when one is asleep the other is bound to be awake
  8. Craig

    Do you take naps?

    Yup. I work a full 15 hour shift on a Tuesday when the other manager is off, so when i'm in the office either having a quick bite to eat or counting the safe, I quickly grab an hours nap... Thursday is beer delivery day so it's my half day 6am to 4pm usually, but this past year staff have been...
  9. Craig

    Facebook temporarily blocked in Myanmar after military coup

    The country has returned to dictatorship.. I can only hope they don't start killing the protesters many of who are teachers and children.
  10. Craig

    Do you take naps?

    Napping is all I've been doing since the national lockdown, I've just woken up and bad some food not I'm back in bed ready for a nap 🤣 I can't wait to return to work and take a nap in my office again.
  11. Craig

    Who likes TV dinners?

    I like the rustler burgers, kippers l, sausage rolls and some microwave all day breakfasts.. they are delicious and cooks alot quicker than a proper meal does
  12. Craig

    Sticky Chit Chat Lounge

    Just woke up from the best nights sleep.. sadly its also almost time to retire for the night again
  13. Craig

    Hello World

    Thanks for all the nice welcomes :-)
  14. Craig

    Hello World

    Hello, I'm a fan of general discussion forums and came across this link on another forum that Ash posted on.. thought I'd join. :-) I'm going to try and look up what your rules are and browse the place now.. does anyone know ow if I can advertise my hosting company here?