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  1. Jordan

    RawHost | Shared Hosting

    USE CODE “GRANDOPENING” FOR 25% ALL SHARED HOSTING PACKAGES! Who are We? RawHost has been an established hosting provider since 2015; operating numerous servers and supplying thousands of clients with unparalleled speeds. We believe in a personal touch and as such, every single server we...
  2. Jordan

    Microsoft vs. Google. (Office vs. Drive)

    Friends? Enemies? Frenemies? What category can these two companies be classified as? Each company has their pros and cons. This is more of a discussion about their competing products though. Office vs. Google Drive. Which is better? For me it has to be Office. I have deployed and migrated many...
  3. Jordan

    Apple Silicon.... Worth It??

    Hey Techies, I am pretty sure if you are an Apple fan, you have seen their upcoming product line, or at least watched WWDC2020. One thing that stuck out to me; Apple Silicon. Apple will be manufacturing their own ARM-processor. The Apple Ecosystem just received an upgrade😊. This was my...
  4. Jordan

    TV Favorite T.V. Show Currently

    Hey everybody, I am just wondering what your current favorite show is to watch. I am also looking for some new shows to binge! Right now my choice is F is For Family, on Netflix. Very funny adult cartoon with adult humor. Let me know what you are binging!
  5. Jordan


    You can ask me any question! I.T. Related. Personal Questions. Photography related. Drug related?