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  1. PGen98 @ PGen98:
    Ah, spooky bats!! ;)
  2. sunflowerlover @ sunflowerlover:
    Glad to hear this 🙂
  3. PGen98 @ PGen98:
    Not too bad, thanks :)
  4. sunflowerlover @ sunflowerlover:
    Hi @PGen98 thanks 🙂I hope your doing well too.
  5. PGen98 @ PGen98:
    Hi @sunflowerlover and @sophiamcmullen hope you're both doing well :)
  6. sunflowerlover @ sunflowerlover:
    Hi everyone,how's it going?
  7. S @ sophiamcmullen:
    Good morning
  8. PGen98 @ PGen98:
    That's one I tried so hard to get into, but it just didn't work for me. Got through maybe two seasons and I just couldn't anymore. Might give it another shot at some point. It's unfortunate to hear it's been going downhill, though.
  9. Stan @ Stan:
    I think the next show for me is Walking Dead, I am kinda glad it is the last season. Hasnt been as good for a couple of years now.
  10. PGen98 @ PGen98:
    I hear you there, shows ending is awful, even when they're just between seasons it feels like ages before they come back when you're into them.
  11. Stan @ Stan:
    All of my TV shows just ended, Better Call Saul, Ozark, Stranger Things... Now I am just waiting for a few to come back.
  12. Stan @ Stan:
    I heard it was a bit off.. I think it should pick up though.
  13. PGen98 @ PGen98:
    I'm trying to get into that new Rings of Power Amazon show, but...eek...as an LotR fan, it's iffy so far.
  14. Stan @ Stan:
    Trying to figure out what movie I am going to throw on tonight.
  15. PGen98 @ PGen98:
    Hi Stan
  16. Stan @ Stan:
    Hey Guys
  17. sunflowerlover @ sunflowerlover:
    that's great to hear Jay 🙂
  18. Jay @ Jay:
    Doing great here, finally got a few days off.
  19. sunflowerlover @ sunflowerlover:
    Hey everyone how are you all doing?What section would I put a game at on here?
  20. Kylie @ Kylie:
    Happy Hump Day Everyone! :)
  21. PGen98 @ PGen98:
    Hope everyone had a good day :)
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