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Discussion Hub is a general discussion hub helping you get a little blast from the past. Enjoy coloured usernames, special userbars and a tight-knit community.

  • Welcome to the Stickers feature Guest! Stickers are collectables that can be showcased and trade with other members of the Discussion Hub community. For more information, read our Stickers Information Megathread.


Collectable Stickers

NFTs? Pfft, none of that over here at Discussion Hub. Stickers are brand new collectables that can be obtained by completing various activities around the Discussion Hub community or by purchasing special sticker packs.

Earn and trade your way to the top and show off your collection on your Discussion Hub profile to make the other members jealous.

Rarity Levels: Antique, Limited Edition, Rare, and Common

Antique Stickers

Limited Edition Stickers

Rare Stickers

Common Stickers

?️ Sticker Packs

Get your hands on new stickers by opening sticker packs using your Hubux and Winbux.

Sticker packs can be purchased through the DH Shop or by winning contests including the monthly Top Posters of the Month contest.

DH Shop

? Trading

Does someone else have a one-off sticker that you really want?

Trade with other Discussion Hub users and get that sticker! Note that trading is only available to upgraded members (Emerald memberships available using Hubux).

Trading System