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As you may have noticed from my posts in various sections of the forum, I have been working on a few changes and new additions for the forum over the past weekend. You may have noticed some of these things already but if you haven't, enjoy this patch notes thread which will detail every minor and large thing that has been changed/introduced to Discussion Hub!

Already Implemented

New Currency - Winbux
Whilst this name may not be final, the idea for a new virtual currency at Discussion Hub certainly is. Winbux is not a replacement for Hubux, but will run parallel to it. This currency will be extremely exclusive and very hard to earn. The main method of earning Winbux will be by winning the official contests run by Discussion Hub including the Top Poster of the Month.

You can then spend your Winbux on exclusive items at the Discussion Hub Shop. These items will only be available to purchase using Winbux!

Forums Removed/Updated
You may have already noticed that a few forums have disappeared - Forum Games, Mobile, and Graphics. These forums were not as active as the other sections which made it an easy option to merge them into other sections. The Mobile forum was merged with the PC Discussions forum, whilst the Graphics forum was merged with the Website Management forum.

The Forum Games forum has been scrapped completely, but you can learn more about that below...

Forum Games Replaced, New Hubux Central
It may be a nice blast to the past (our motto) but Forum Games just weren't a popular idea here at Discussion Hub. It has now been replaced with the Hubux Central forum (in The Lounge). This forum is the central location for discussions related to Hubux, official auctions, mini-games, and soon - a Marketplace for Hubux trading.

Instead of pointless forum games where you count to 1000, you can now take part in mini-games to win Hubux. These games will range from looking for hidden items on the forum to trying to be the 50th post in a specific thread.

Official auctions from the Discussion Hub team will be run from time to time with exclusive goods that you won't be able to get any other way! Make sure that you have enough Hubux to compete with others to win that exclusive item!

Groups are finally here! We already have a few official and user-run groups, with many more to appear very soon. Users are able to start their very own group (whether it's a public or invite-only group) from this week using their Hubux.

Each group will have their own forum, with the group owner allowed to control every aspect of the group.

User Upgrades Amended, Sapphire Group Returns
With the removal of Google AdSense from the forum, we have decided to bring back the Sapphire Paid Upgrade to the forum. We are aware that a few users wanted to donate to the forum as a method of appreciation so hopefully, this also provides you with something in return.

With the new introduction of Sapphire, a few changes have been made to the Emerald and Diamond groups. The Emerald group will lose its glowing username style and will increase to 100 Hubux per month (previously 75 Hubux). The Diamond group will receive some new benefits including the ability to custom their profile style, use the Charge BBCode, and have access to exclusive items in the Discussion Hub Shop.

Minor Changes
  • User emojis added to the top of the smilies dropdown
  • Google AdSense advertisements completely removed from the forum
  • Request Badges forum replaced
  • Custom scrollbar added to the forum
  • Featured threads carousel on index updated
Coming Soon
The following features/changes have not been implemented as yet but are coming very soon to the forum!

Awards System Revamp
The current awards system is not perfect. To fix this, we will be purchasing a completely new awards addon for the forum which will require quite a bit of work. Not only will this provide the forum with a more reliable, and more feature-rich awards system, but it will also give us an opportunity to introduce a lot more awards that you guys can earn here at DH.

Shop Revamp
The Discussion Hub Shop will receive a huge revamp which will include the removal of a few items and the addition of a whole lot more including the ability to purchase adding a glow to your current username style, adding special icons to the front of your username, and adding animated effects to your username.

This revamp will also include the addition of new items that will be exclusive to the Diamond and Sapphire user groups. And with the introduction of Winbux as mentioned above, there will be new items only purchasable using this currency.

Monthly Newsletter
We will be posting a monthly newsletter in this section of the forum. This will include a summary of the latest forum updates, a memorable thread of the month, the announcement of the Member of the Month (different to TPOM), an update on the forum statistics for that month, and a special interview with a member of the community!

Top Poster of the Month
The Top Poster of the Month contest will include some updated prizes to match the new additions to the forum. A further announcement regarding this will be made in the next few days so keep an eye out for that. The prizes for the month of April will be provided after this announcement to @Kylie @Empire and @Laifot

Custom Profile Styles
Thanks to an amazing addon from @apathy, Diamond and Sapphire members will soon be able to customise their profile pages to their liking including the ability to completely change the colours, header images etc.

I hope you guys are as excited as we are for the future of Discussion Hub. As ever, let us know what you think.

~ The Discussion Hub Team


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Yet I still do not get my doughnuts :p come on, what an update and we still do not get to have my nice Mengo doughnuts :p

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Gosh, this is a huge undertaking and glad there's been no problems reported so far.
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Sounds like a lot of great things are in the pipeline! I'm quite pleased to know a site like DH will be using my addon, can't wait to see the results when its rolled out :D
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