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Chances are you've stumbled upon this forum for one reason or another, but you most likely are here to report an issue, to ask a question, or share your brilliant idea with us. Well, we want to hear about all of those things!

Are you Reporting a Bug/Glitch/Issue? Please use the "Issue" thread pre-fix:
It also helps if you are able to provide details about what you were in the middle of, or what you were trying to change. This will also help us try to replicate the issue to see if it has actually been resolved or not!

Are you offering up an idea or sharing your thoughts on our community? There's a thread pre-fix for that too - please use "Feedback/Suggestion":
We value your suggestions, ideas, and feedback that you may have to offer. While we may not be able to add "everything" that is requested, we will take everything into consideration. Who knows, you may find that you're not alone with your idea and it is a mutual feeling for more than just yourself! Help US help YOU (Y).

Do you have a question about our site and community? Ask away with the "Suggestion" pre-fix:
We all will have a question about how to do something, or where something is at some point or another. You are encouraged to seek your answers because you are most likely not alone. Let us crowd-source the answer for you! A community is a powerful tool and resource!

At any time, please feel free to reach out to a member of our Staff. We do prefer to share as much information and support with our community, however if you wish to remain anonymous, that can also be arranged.

Happy Discussions!
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