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Announcement Referrals Rewards Information Megathread


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May 30, 2020
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Discussion Hub Referrals Reward Programme
The referrals rewards programme is getting a revamp! As we look to grow the Discussion Hub community, it's important that we reward users who help bring in new users.

So how does this work?
When you introduce a new member to the community and they register using your referral link, you will receive a set of rewards when they hit certain milestones. As they continue to use Discussion Hub, we will keep track of their contributions to the forum and reward both users for certain milestones.

How can I refer a user?
Each user has their very own, unique referral link that they can use to make sure they are credited with a new user's registration.

Visit the Referrals page in the Your Account section to get your own link. You can also use the "Tools" feature within the Referrals page to automatically get the code for certain advertising banners that you can use on other sites.

What are the rewards?
  • 50 Posts - Common Sticker Pack (for both users)
  • 100 Posts - Emerald Membership - 1 Year (for both users)
  • 250 Posts - Rare Sticker Pack
  • 500 Posts - Diamond Membership - 1 Month (for both users)
  • 1000 Posts - Free Custom Username Icon
These are additional rewards based on certain milestones that your referral hits. When a referral joins using your link, you will also get the following one-time bonuses:
  • 10 Posts - 1 Winbux
  • Sapphire Upgrade - 2 Winbux
As ever, let us know if you have any questions or issues.