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    I ain't moving from here for a good while, maybe 5 years from now.
  • Demon_skeith
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    Oh do I have an image... Also I had to sell them, at a time they became disposable and I had people coming in who had their old...
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  • Demon_skeith
    Demon_skeith replied to the thread Ask the demon.
    I did love it growing up, but now I hate it. Can't do anything on my birthday, it sucks. I have not, at least I don't think I have.
  • Demon_skeith
    Demon_skeith replied to the thread Stickers.
    Nah, I'm not looking at my laptop I'm using it! Plus the stickers always get bad looking after while and then to peel them off leaves...
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    Howdy morning all! How are you? Today, as it’s a snowy, dark, cold but dry day and outside, just playing some games on my phone before...
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    Probably this but I have a few good ones lol.
  • 22_22
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    Purple is a unique colour so you must share photos with us next time! I have never tried to colour my hair, I am just not that brave...
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    Haven't bats caused enough trouble recently? Here they are again out at halloween! Spooky :P
  • 22_22
    22_22 replied to the thread Do you go camping?.
    When I was living in Sweden I really wanted to go camping as it is such a huge part of their culture. I have done it in the past but...
  • 22_22
    22_22 replied to the thread Drinking Water.
    The main drink I have is water, just so I can pretend to be healthy! :P Nah, seriously though I fill my usable water bottles with this...
  • 22_22
    22_22 replied to the thread Do you delete messages?.
    I am a big hoarder for keeping messages, especially if its important people who I talk about important stuff with. It would be too...
  • 22_22
    22_22 replied to the thread How often?.
    I used to be on my phone way too much, but now it seems to be my laptop instead. What I did was delete social media applications I...
  • Ash
    What was the last website that you visited? And what were you doing on that website? Obviously, don't count DH :p. The last site that I...
  • Ash
    Ash posted the thread Stickers in PC Discussion.
    I've noticed that some people like to place a large number of stickers on their laptop. Have you done this for yours? And if so, what...
  • Ash
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    Are you still having access issues 👀 ?