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DH Community Awards
DH Staff
Bow down to these immortals. Part of the current/previous Discussion Hub staff team
Total awarded: 4
Founding Member
The founding members of DH 2020. The first 10 members of the community.
Total awarded: 4
Diamond In The Dirt
A worthy user that has managed to win a contest and therefore gain exclusive access to the Diamond usergroup.
Total awarded: 4
A Beautiful Sapphire
This amazing user has upgraded and become a beautiful Sapphire group member.
Total awarded: 2
Special Recognition
It's Over 2000!
This is the story of a brave Phenom who dared challenge Ash to a post-off. Victorious in his battle, he is now the proud owner of this exclusive badge that he wears with pride!
Total awarded: 1
Activity Awards
Little Poster
Wow! 50 posts already, look at you ago. Thanks for being a valued part of this community, here’s to the next 50!
Total awarded: 24
On Fire
250 posts already? Keep going.
Total awarded: 13
Surpassed 666 posts. Does this even need a description :o
Total awarded: 9
Couch Potato
You are now officially a couch potato. 1000 posts with Discussion Hub, that can’t have been an easy job. Well done!
Total awarded: 7
Reputation Awards
Street Cred
This kid has street cred. They have managed to gain at least 500 reputation points on the dangerous streets of Discussion Hub!
Total awarded: 3
Birthday Awards
What A Year
Has it really been a year already?
Total awarded: 5
5 Years Down
You’ve been here for 5 years? I don’t think we noticed you. What’s your name again?
Total awarded: 0
Interest Awards
Le Artiste
Share a picture of your favourite person, animal or a piece of your graphic art. Post it in the Webmasters & Graphics forum.
Total awarded: 1
Animal Lover
You really do love animals, don’t you? Share a picture in the Animal Lovers Rejoice thread.
Total awarded: 3
Gamer Chad
Mobile Gamer? Get out of here. We’re gamer chads! Post 100 times in the Gaming Hub forum
Total awarded: 6
I'm A YouTuber
5 subscribers? 0? That’s good enough for us. Share your YouTube channel with the community in the 'Promotion Portal' to get this award.
Total awarded: 0
Shop & Hubux Awards
Bill Gates Rich
Amass a huge amount of Hubux and separate yourself from the rest. Have 10,000 Hubux at once.
Total awarded: 0
Waste 5000 Hubux on this silly badge to show how much of a baller you really are.
Total awarded: 0
The Money Hoarder
You just might be our resident Scrooge McDuck here at Discussion Hub. Congratulations on amassing 1000 Hubux in your wallet at once!
Total awarded: 10
Special Events
Santa’s Naughty Little Elf
Forget tour family. Spend time with the Discussion Hub community by logging in on Christmas Eve or Day.
Total awarded: 4
And On The 3rd Day Of Christmas
My True Love Gave to Me…. 1 Useless Award
Total awarded: 5
Road To 10K
Thank you for being a member on our special journey to our first 10,000 posts
Total awarded: 15
Road To 20K
Thanks for joining us on this journey to 20K posts!
Total awarded: 7
First Time
An exclusive award for the winner of the first-ever Hubux Central Auction! The item? A permanent custom emoji won for 1500 Hubux.
Total awarded: 1
1 Year Anniversary
Thank you for being a part of our journey to our 1st anniversary and helping us hit some big milestones on the way!
Total awarded: 8
Euros 2021 Challenge
Football fan? Share a picture of you watching the Euros 2021 and get this fancy exclusive award.
Total awarded: 1
Music Addict
Music is like crack to this user. Connect a Spotify account to your profile and show off your favourite tunes to the community.
Total awarded: 10