Special Events
Santa’s Naughty Little Elf
Forget tour family. Spend time with the Discussion Hub community by logging in on Christmas Eve or Day.
Total awarded: 4
And On The 3rd Day Of Christmas
My True Love Gave to Me…. 1 Useless Award
Total awarded: 7
Road To 10K
Thank you for being a member on our special journey to our first 10,000 posts
Total awarded: 20
Road To 20K
Thanks for joining us on this journey to 20K posts!
Total awarded: 8
First Time
An exclusive award for the winner of the first-ever Hubux Central Auction! The item? A permanent custom emoji won for 1500 Hubux.
Total awarded: 1
1 Year Anniversary
Thank you for being a part of our journey to our 1st anniversary and helping us hit some big milestones on the way!
Total awarded: 8
Euros 2021 Challenge
Football fan? Share a picture of you watching the Euros 2021 and get this fancy exclusive award.
Total awarded: 1